Maxi K. Hartmann was born in Ulm, Germany, in February 1991. Being inspired by her dad since DAY ONE, she grew up in the nightlife of her hometown and developed her very own passion early: the music.

Maxi started collecting every kind of music at the age of 15 - 'every single track is worth listening... it's on YOU to understand and to feel the song'.

Parallel she took lessons at a DJ-school, before deciding to teach herself. Still being supported by her father - a musical genius for himself - her carreer ran fast. She played the 'big players' around Stuttgart, Munich and also clubs beyond the borders - in Italy and Switzerland.

Her dream came true!?

Nevertheless, the now 25 year-old, authentic lady became unhappy playing that kind of 'mainstream-sound'. The night she started crying after an actually really good booking, the whole thing changed!

Maxi declined several offers from reputable agencies, made a clean cut and decided to start from ZERO! In the past years, her life was shaped by music... and by TECH-HOUSE.

So in spring 2017, the beautiful and charismatic ‘HARTMANN’ was finally born!

‘HARTMANN’ just started producing her very own sound and accepted her first bookings in Germany and Switzerland.